Time and effort, this is the feature of our brand

Our company is located the sacred place for jigging, Kochi prefecture.
We have been developing, producing and distributing metal jigs since 2013.
We fastidious high quality.
Each pieve of jig is completed by our experience, sensitivity and supported by specialists’ advise.
In our factory, we go through all process, from designing, to packaging.
The manufacturing without any compromising, this is what we do.

Our jigs are designed based on the
“Slow-Pitch Jerk Jigging” method.

The demand has been increasing because of this new method is good and enjoyable for all levels of anglers.
The demand on our product also increasing all around the world and our product
has known as leading product in clow-pitch jerk jigging industry.
You will enjoy to catch wide variety of fish by slow-pitch jerk method.
Enticing your target fish by controlling your jig by your intention.
For beginner, they will enjoy and catch fish by our jigs. For experienced people,
they can go more deep in slow pitch jerk with our jigs.
We will keep this effort and create new items not only jigs.
We will continue producing high quality items to satisfy anglers all around the world.

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