Established in Kochi, the sacred place for jigging,
The ultimate metal jigs,
gaining total control in the deep sea.

You are able to capture various kinds of fish by slow-pitch jerk. You would never imagine by classical types of Jigging. The wide variety of
fish from shallow to 200m+ depth, from bluefish kinds to bottom fish.
 It is no exaggeration to say the slow-pitch jerk has infinite potential and will go on.

Seafloor Control Co.,Ltd(SFC) has been continuing its possibility and developing the ultimate metal jigs which makes your all target fish attractive.

We invest unimaginable yours to produce one product. All of our products are made by hand in our own factory.
You will enjoy our precision of product, beautifulness of visual appeal and variety of choices.
This will keep us unrivalled.
The jigs are marked the passage of pioneer’s pride and successor of Slow-Pitch Jerk.
Our product built on crafts manship and actual fishing result will lead anglers to be able to gain total control in the deep sea.

Time and Effort.
Creativity Craftsmanship Inspection

Take it on your hand. Go out and drop into the water.
You will feel the quality of the product and feeling, like a feather lightness of up-lifting and fishing result.

Researching and find most
effective colors for fish on each depth of water.

“Which color and how deep we can see in the water?”
Someone said, the fish has good eyes several times more to a thousand times more than
human. We develop color variations on our product supported by Japan Agency for
Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC).
Researching through the multiple testing.

Manual Procedures one by one
The exclusive masterpieve by craftsman.

The manufacturing jig process includes “Molding”, “Polishing”,
“Painting”, “Coating” and more. Each process is done by craftsman’s
hand care carefully.
Then, after passed many inspections on each manufacturing process,
delivered to anglers all around the world.