It’s been about 20 years since I met “Slow Pitch Jerk Jigging” first time
The method was completely new from existing method and captures various kinds of fish.
I really into this and brought back to your homeland where the sacred place for fishing then brought to all around Japan.

Slow pitch jerk jigging is good from beginner to advanced anglers.
Enticing your target fish by controlling your jig by your intention.
The more I understood the method, the more I went in deep.
The existing jigs never satisfied my intention.
That is why I started to make my own jigs and established “Seafloor Control”

We work hard for satisfy anglers all around the world. The jigs we produce is based on our experience and knowledge.
“We fastidious high quality” We spend more time to achieve our satisfied quality more than anyone elese. Our craftsman and worker follow my spirit.

We appreciate that our products are evaluated high all around the world.
We as one of the leader of slow-pitch jerk jigging, we will keep effort making better product. Without you support, we will not achieve that.

Thank you.

CEO/Kazuhiro Hirota

The highest quality jigs for serious anglers.

– Please tell us your products

From short type to long type, these types of jigs will cover any water situation and wide variety of your target fish. Each of our jigs on the market has clear concept. These bring you a result and enjoyable fishing.
We invest more than a year for commercializing one jig. Testing over and over, reducing discomfort resistance feeling, increasing smoothness in the water. Of course it must follow the fishing result.
Even we complete one models, we test and arrange adjustment on each weight variation on the boat. Because of investing time for trial and error, we achieve highest level of products.

– Do you listen to specialists’ opinion?

Yes, of course we do. We work with many specialists, such as specialized in Fluid mechanic, also the specialist from Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) whose advise us how we see the colors in the deep ocean.
Combine with our sensitivity, experience with specialists’ support, we are able to create a best product in this industry.

– I see you particular about handmade product.

To keep the highest quality items, all of procedure is cared by craftman’s hand in our factory. When you take a look our product on your hand, you will understand what I want to say. Even though, we are not satisfy our quality yet. We work hard and find out how we can increase quality of product all the time.

– What dose “Seafloor Control” means and why?

The classic types of jigging had limited variety of target fish. Such as only amberjack and yellowtail. The slow-pitch jerk method is able to target wider variety of fish.
To catch your target fish, you explore a range of possible hook setting and explore rod’s action fish by fish. It is fun.
Under control by slow-pitch jerk and you will enjoy it every time when you go out on the ocean.
I would like to tell you that Slow-pitch jigging method is deep and fun. You will find something new every time you go out for fishing. The ocean will be under controlled by using our jig. This is meaning of “Seafloor Control” and hopefully you feel this.

Never forget about angler’s spirit.

– As a memory keeper of Slow-pitch jerk, and originator of the slow-pitch jerk, you always provide something is new.
Since our company had been established, we work hard to create something new.
I an a CEO of this company with strong angler’s spirit.
Our product is made by angler’s point of view. The product must be the one I want and enjoyable as an angler. I always keep in mind for showing gratitude to our supporters.
We will keep continuing this spirit and challenging new genre.